AX2012 Retail

Retail Installation & Configuration:

AX 2012 Brick & Mortar Store

Topic 1: Technical Overview of Brick and Mortar stores

  • Technical Overview
  •  Retail Headquarters
  • Point of Sale
  • Integrated Services
  • Hardware Configuration

Topic 2: Checklist Install and Configure Microsoft Dynamics AX

  • Retail Headquarters
  • Checklist – Before You Install Retail Headquarters
  • Service Accounts
  • Create a Shared Directory for Installation
  • Include Service Packs and Updates in a New Installation (Slipstreaming)
  • Verify That You Have the Required Permissions for Installation

Topic 3: Install and Configure Retail

  • Deployment Topologies
  • Checking Requirements and Installing Retail Headquarters

Topic 4: Configuration of Application Object Server (AOS) Instances

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX Roles
  • Installing Application Object Server (AOS) Instances

Topic 5: Installation and Configuration of Commerce Data Exchange: Synch Service

  • Install Commerce Data Exchange: Synch Service
  • Configure Settings for Synch Service

Topic 6: Installation and Configuration of Commerce Data Exchange: Real-time Service

  • Commerce Data Exchange: Real-time Service

Topic 7: Configuration of Database Instances

  • Configuration of Database Instances

Topic 8: Checklist – installation AND Configuration of AX Retail Store POS

  • Checklist – Before You Begin Installing Retail POS

Topic 9: Checklist – Before You Begin Installing Retail POS

  • Installation of Retail POS (Point of Sale)
  • Deploy Retail POS
  • Install Commerce Data Exchange: Synch Service
  • Install the Retail Store Database Utility
  • Create a Store Database or an Offline Database

Topic 10: Table Distribution

  • Table Distribution

Topic 11: Retail Scheduler jobs

  • Configure Jobs and Sub jobs in Retail Scheduler

Topic 12: Action Jobs (A-Jobs)

  • Action jobs A-jobs

Topic 13: Monitor Synch Service

  • Configure Commerce Data Exchange: Synch Service Upload Options & Synch Service Profile

Topic 14: Retail Roles Management and Security

  • Set up Retail Staff
  • Set up Enterprise Portal profiles and Users

Topic 15: Configure Stores in Workgroup

  • Configure Stores in Workgroup

Topic 16: Configure Stores in

  • Configure Hardware Profiles and Peripherals

Topic 17: Configure Payment Processing (Optional for US)

  • Payment Services

Topic 18: Lab

  • Add a new store


AX 2012 Brick & Mortar Store E-commerce Store

Topic 1: Introduction and Course Objectives

  • Dynamics AX for Retail Omni Channel Vision
  • Course Objectives

Topic 2: Ecommerce Architecture

  • Defining an AX Ecommerce Solution
  • AX Ecommerce Architecture
  • Commerce Data Exchange
  • Commerce Runtime
  • Ecommerce Starter Site

Topic 3: Installing Ecommerce Components

  • Pre-installation Tasks
  • Deploy Retail Online Channel and Configure Settings
  • Execute PowerShell Scripts to Deploy and Configure Online Store
  • Verifying the Retail Online Store Deployment and Troubleshooting

Topic 4: Online Store Set Up and Publishing

  • Setting up Online Store Integration
  • Creating an Online Store Navigation Structure
  • Creating and Configuring an Online Store
  • Configuring Data Distribution and Publishing an Online Store
  • Managing and Publishing Online Store Products
  • Setting up Shipping Charges for an Online Store

Topic 5: Managing Online Store in SharePoint

  • Search Driven Sites
  • Cross Site Publishing
  • Web Parts and Display Templates
  • Query Rules
  • Refiners and Faceted Navigation
  • Query Suggestion and Query Spelling
  • Usage Analytics and Recommendations

Topic 6: Ecommerce deployment topology

  • Ecommerce Deployment
  • Online Store Topology