Financials II

Topic  15 : Budgeting

Set up Basic Budgeting

Discuss the use of Budget Control

Define Rules and specify Attributes of Budget Control


Topic 16 : Use and Manage Budgets

Describe how to enter Budget data

Describe how to use Budget data on a Purchase Order

View the status of Budget register entries

Inquire about Budgets

Describe the features to support transferring Budget data

Review Budgeting Integrations

Describe the steps to transfer a Budget


Topic 17 : Commitment Accounting

Define an Encumbrance

Create a Purchase Order Encumbrance

Analyze a Purchase Order Encumbrance Transaction

Process Year-End Commitments


Topic 18 : Cash Flow Management      

Explain the Relationship of Cash Flow to other Modules

Set up Cash Flow Forecasting

Define a Cash Flow Forecast Budget Model

Create Cash Flow Transactions

Calculate Cash Flow Transactions

View online data and print Cash Flow reports


Topic 19 : Multicurrency          

Complete the setup steps that are required for Foreign Currency Revaluation

Run Foreign Currency Revaluation in General Ledger

Run Foreign Currency Revaluation in Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable


Topic 20 : Advanced Payments                                            

Create and process a Bridging Account Method of Payment

Set up and process Electronic Vendor Payments

Set up and process Electronic Customer Payments

Set up and process Centralized Payments

Set up and process Prepayments

Set up and process Bills of Exchange

Set up and apply Ledger Accruals


Topic 21 : Intercompany Accounting

Post an Intercompany Transaction

Complete the setup for Intercompany Accounting

Trace an Intercompany Transaction


Topic 22 : Consolidations

Set up a Consolidation Company

Set up a Subsidiary Company

Perform a Consolidation

View the Consolidation Inquiry

View and Delete Consolidation Transactions

Describe Intercompany Eliminations


Topic 23 : Collections Management

Print Customer Statements

Set up and create Collection Letters

Process Collection Letters

Set up Interest Codes

Calculate Interest

Work with the Collections List Page and Detail Forms

Waive, reinstate or reverse Interest and Fees in one step

Create Write-off transactions in one step

Process Non-Sufficient Funds payments in one step


Topic 24 : Financial Workflows

Define Workflow Types

Configure Financial Workflows

Define Approval Processes

Create a General Ledger Approval

Create an Accounts Payable Approval

Create an Accounts Receivable Approval

Modify an Existing Workflow

Topic 25 : Year-End Close                                                        

Create a new Fiscal Year

Understand Control Transactions in a Closing Period

Hold or Close a Period

Create a Closing Sheet

Make Adjustments or Transfers between Accounts

Transfer Opening Balances

Set up Fiscal Year Parameters

Topic 26 : Financial Statements                                           

Create a Financial Statement

Create a Row Definition

Design the structure of a Row Definition

Create a Column Definition

Print a Financial Statement

Create and print a Dimension Statement

View Balances by Dimension Sets

Import XBRL Taxonomies